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 krUs - Application

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PostSubject: krUs - Application   30.01.09 18:54

Hey, it's the krUsy here Razz

1. *In-game nick: krUs

2. *Xfire: kruzinator

3. *Playing time: As often as i can or if ive got nothing better to do. Usually avalible from 18:00 (depending if im at the gym or not, otherwise earlier) to 23:00 all schooldays. Longer on Thursday/Friday, til about 24:00 or 01:00. Total playing time? i have no idea, I remember having 23 days total playtime but ive reinstalled CoD4 4 times so its a bit more than that.

4. *Skills: Im quite awesome, but not perfect.

5. Age: 17

6. Favorite weapon: Mp5 and M40A1.

7. Favorite map: Crash

8. Sniping skill: I would say Med-High

9. *Country & language u can speak: Im from Sweden, also fluent in english also i know a little espaƱol Razz

10. * Main reason why u wanna join us: My old clan (UKHD) werent very active, i wanna do wars, leagues and stuff. Im tired of being a pub-hero and you seem like a good bunch of guys Smile

Got any questions? ask me.
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PostSubject: Re: krUs - Application   30.01.09 19:20

ur in m8, hf king

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krUs - Application
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